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You Can Be Spiritual, Successful AND Sexy

International bestselling author Ava Miles invites women to delete the old stories that say you can’t be spiritual or successful and also be sexy and sexually vibrant. Aren’t you tired of living the life of the overworked wife or stressed-out mom? Are you ready to start owning your true goddess nature?

How to Be a Modern Woman—On Your Own Terms

In her poignant new book series, international bestselling author Ava Miles shows women how to reclaim their true goddess nature and drop outdated assumptions about sex, sexuality, money, and success.

What Are You Teaching Your Daughter About Sex?

Are you using fear-based or shame-based language, or are you talking about sex as something that can be fun, joyful, and connected? International bestselling author Ava Miles helps families get present to the language they use around sex.

What to Say When Someone Hurts Your Feelings

Per the title of one of international bestselling author Ava Miles' new books, “Goddesses Don’t Do Drama.” However, many of us never learned how to express anger and sadness. We don’t know how to say things kindly when we’re upset. You don’t have to walk away or wait until after the “f*ck you” to speak your truth.

Do You Deserve Abundance?

Here’s the short answer: Of course you do! International bestselling author Ava Miles asks women to delete their old stories around money and success to open the doorway to abundance and prosperity.

Get It On Like a Goddess

Owning your sexuality, free from shame and anyone else’s expectations, is part of Ava Miles’ path to goddess-hood. She shows women how to delete limiting stories and bring joy back into the bedroom.

Goddesses Eat

Internationally bestselling author Ava Miles talks about the connection between owning your true goddess nature and enjoying the pleasures of food—and why that’s okay! Be a vibrant, joyful modern woman on your own terms by choosing your own goddess menu.

How to Face Fear and Find Courage

People ultimately can’t stop us from achieving our dreams, though they may try. Fear, however, can simply flick her fickle finger at us, and we screech to a halt. How do we stop letting fear drag us down and keeping us from fully embodying our inner goddess women? By facing our fears, says Ava, from the little things to the ones that keep us up at night, wracked with anxiety. Nothing is more powerful than shining a light on them and calling them out — and calling ourselves out too.

What’s On Your Happiness List?

What makes you happy? The things you feel happy doing are directly related to your goddess nature, says Ava. She shares prompts and invites readers to discover what truly makes us feel happy — not our parents, partners or kids, just us.
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