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You Are a Goddess, a Divine Rockstar…
It’s Time to Own It.

International bestselling author Ava Miles invites women everywhere to unleash their true goddess nature through her new book series: “The Goddess Guides to Being A Woman”

Women today are surrounded by stories — stories that tell us how we should speak, look, act and feel; stories that tell us what is acceptable when it comes to sexuality and what is shameful; stories that dampen our personalities and hush our voices.

Aren’t you tired of being told what a real woman is? Aren’t you sick of feeling like you’re falling short? It’s time to reclaim our power and lift our voices to empower each other.

Internationally renowned bestselling author Ava Miles is asking women everywhere (and the men who love them) to delete disempowering stories and reinvent what’s possible when we look at what it means to be a modern woman.

“It’s time to live a happy and abundant life on our own terms, not anyone else’s.”

In her new “Goddess Guides,” a series of how-to books for tapping into your happy, power-packed goddess nature, Ava Miles infuses her writing with wisdom and empowerment for those who are seeking it. She offers practical tools women can use to help themselves shift into the divine rockstars they were born to be. Ava’s engaging stories reveal the simple truths behind goddess-woman behavior to make it easier to see how to make this your new lifestyle.

“These guides show each woman how to decide for herself what that goddess-woman life looks like for her.”

The Goddess Guides

The “Goddess Guides” can be read in any order and Ava recommends people allow themselves to naturally gravitate to the topics that speak to them most. The nine books in the series are:

* Goddesses Cry and Say Motherfucker
* Goddesses Love Cock
* Goddesses Don’t Do Drama
* Goddesses Are Sexy
* Goddesses Eat
* Goddesses Deserve the Gs
* Goddesses Decide
* Goddesses Face Fear
* Goddesses Are Happy

Did She Make You Blush? Good.

The time has come to break the rules and change the stories we tell about things like language and shame and what’s “proper” or “acceptable” for a woman to write or say. Instead of replaying these old tapes, Ava is snapping us awake with questions like:

* Are you really living the life you want?
* Are you willing to allow yourself to be both spiritual and sexy, successful and sexy, empowered and grounded?
* Are you ready to stop suffering in silence?
* Are you ready to release your anger and finally feel heard?

Join Ava and reclaim your goddess nature by following the poignant, instructive and often humorous path laid out in “The Goddess Guides” and awaken to your life as a happy, whole woman.

“As women, we’re told endless stories about what we should do, say and believe — what we should be. These stories, Ava Miles shows us in the ‘Goddess Guides,’ have separated us from the peace, love and fulfillment that are our birthright. Miles provides us with essential advice on how we can shed the beliefs that are making us miserable and find our way back to our inner goddesses. What makes these books so special is that they are absolutely accessible yet brimming with insights and exercises that will benefit every reader. The author is also the perfect balance of warm, witty and wise as she guides us through the sometimes turbulent waters of the issues that matter most to us (relationships, sex, finances, self-expression, self-image, etc.). The ‘Guides’ are organized by topic, allowing women immediate access to the insights they need most. This is must reading for every goddess woman.”

-- Angela Polidoro, former Editor for Random House’s Ballantine Bantam Dell

A World of Experience

Ava Miles has worked with women all over the world — from the Congo to Lebanon, from underdeveloped villages to halls of power — helping them improve their lives and overcome the hardships of living in intermittent or ongoing conflict.

She has managed multi-million-dollar projects and multi-national teams of people in the private sector, nonprofits and domestic and international agencies as well as multilateral organizations such as the United Nations. Ava is also a published chef and a humanitarian.

Now, she is sharing her intuitive, leadership and storytelling gifts through powerful tools and wisdom in her new series, “The Goddess Guides to Being A Woman.”

“Too many of us have been giving our power away or working harder to have the life we want. We’re bombarded with stories and advice about what it means to be a woman, what to look like, what it means to be spiritual, successful, sexy and so on. The ‘Goddess Guides’ are an opportunity for us to release these old stories and embrace a lifestyle that is uniquely our own.”

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